Whether looking at a low heat flux level, pushing a signal through a long cable length, or even just for signal processing convenience, a signal conditioning amplifier can make the difference between a mediocre signal and solid data. Vatell provides a number of amplifiers designed to work with our sensors. We can also provide signal transmitters and panel meters for ease of use.

AMP-10 AMP-10

Dual Channel HFM Amplifiers
These amps are designed to boost the signal of both the heat flux and temperature outputs from our thin-film heat flux sensor the HFM, having one channel for each. Each channel has an independent gain and an output voltage range of up to 5V. For the HFM-6 and HFM-7 which have resistance temperature sensors, the Vatell amplifiers include a calibrated current source for interrogation so that the output is a user-friendly voltage signal.

Single Channel Amplifiers
The AMP-15 is primarily designed to work with our Thermogage sensors, but can be used with any single output Vatell sensor. Normally the AMP-15 and Thermogage are calibrated as a pair, but separate sensor and amplifier calibrations are available if requested. The typical use is to provide a good sensitivity for low range applications but with a fast time response. The AMP-15 can also provide a voltage boost for data acquisition systems that need more signal than the nominal 10mV range of the Thermogage.

Amplifier Gain Range Gain Set Temperature Channel Supports Sensor Power Size
AMP-6 1 to 5000 User select RTS HFM-6&7 Battery 1.7”x7.5”x11”
AMP-8 1 to 3000 Factory set RTS HFM-6&7 5VDC Supply 1¼”x1½”x4”
AMP-10 1 to 5000 User select RTS HFM-6&7 18VDC Supply 1.7”x7.5”x11”
AMP-12 1 to 5000 User select TC HFM-8 Battery 1.7”x7.5”x11”
AMP-13 1 to 5000 User select TC HFM-8 18VDC Supply 1.7”x7.5”x11”
AMP-15 99 to 1000 Factory set none Thermogage & Schmidt-Boelter Battery or 5-18VDC Supply 1¼”x1½”x4”

Tranmitters and Panel Meters
A digital readout or an alternate signal type is sometimes required. For those applications Vatell will pair a heat flux sensor with a calibrated Texmate digital panel meter or a Moore Industries signal transmitter. Ask our sales department for more details.